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Off-roading around the Hopetoun Coast 2012The “Off-Roading around the Hopetoun Coast” event held on Sat 10th November 2012 attracted an audience keen to learn and discuss riding and 4WD activities. Approximately 30 attendees shared knowledge about:
  • safe and responsible recreation in coastal environments
  • what activities are allowed where
  • the practicalities of safe riding, driving and helping others
A vehicle washdown was simulated to highlight the spots to ensure are clean, so that you don’t carry soil (and deadly dieback) with you when you're enjoying the coast.

Thanks to presenters Dylan Gleave from South Coast NRM; Peter Masters, Carol Ebbett and Paul Cory from DEC; Chris and Glenn from the Hopetoun Police Station; Darryn Watkins from the Shire of Ravensthorpe and Clint Dawe from the Ravensthorpe Enduro Club. Anyone interested in discussing forming a group to further progress ideas for riding areas near Hopetoun is encouraged to contact Randall Martin on 0419 964 061.

The event was hosted by South Coast Management Group and South Coast NRM, with support of Coastwest and Caring for our Country funding.

Off-roading around the Hopetoun Coast 2012Off-roading around the Hopetoun Coast 2012Off-roading around the Hopetoun Coast 2012

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