Sustainable recreational vehicle management

The "Community engagement in sustainable recreational vehicle management" project was supported by the five member local government authorities of SCMG, local-level community groups, Coastwest (201050) and South Coast NRM.

The project aimed to protect the South Coast through facilitating and promoting positive recreational behaviour across the coastal zone of the South Coast region by implementing site-specific on-ground works at strategic locations in five coastal local government areas:

  • Flood Gates West, AlbanyBoat Harbour, Shire of Denmark
  • Flood Gates West, Torbay, City of Albany
  • Back Beach, Bremer Headland, Shire of Jerramungup
  • Two Mile Beach, Shire of Ravensthorpe
  • Lovers Cove, Dempster Headland, Shire of Esperance.

It also supported the Vehicles in the Coastal Zone 2010 Regional Forum. The proceedings are downloadable from Publications.

Onground management actions included rationalising informal access tracks, access hardening and rehabilitation, and installing uniform coastcare stewardship signage.

Boat Harbour, Denmark

Flood Gates West, Albany

Back Beach, Jerramungup

Two Mile, Ravensthorpe

Dempster Head, Esperance